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why does my dog sleep on me

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

As a pet owner in Santa Clarita, CA, have you ever wondered, “Why do dogs eat grass?” If so, you’re not alone. This common canine behavior puzzles many pet owners, but the team at Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center is here to provide some clarity.   Common Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass   Nutritional Needs One…

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Why does my cat sleep on me

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me?

We’re taking a deep dive into a common question that we hear from pet owners: “Why does my cat sleep on me?” It’s not just about understanding our feline friends’ quirky behaviors, but also about improving their comfort and wellbeing. To schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to call us at (661) 799-0655 or book an…

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dog crate training in santa clarita, ca

Tips to Get Started with Dog Crate Training

Today, we will discuss an essential aspect of dog ownership that Santa Clarita residents often have questions about – crate training. We’ll provide you with practical and effective tips for getting started with dog crate training right here in Santa Clarita, CA. The Basics of Dog Crate Training Crate training is a method of house…

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dog lethargy in santa clarita, ca

My Dog is Acting Lethargic in Santa Clarita, CA – Should I Call the Vet?

As a pet owner in Santa Clarita, CA, one of the most alarming changes you might notice in your dog is lethargy. Dogs are typically full of energy, enthusiasm, and life. So, when your playful pet starts showing signs of lethargy, it’s only natural to worry. What Does Lethargy in Dogs Look Like? Understanding Canine…

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dog dehydration in santa clarita, ca

How to Tell if Your Dog is Dehydrated in Santa Clarita, CA and How to Help Them

If you have a dog, you know just how much they love to go on adventures with you. The better the weather, the more tempting it is to take your dog outside with you to have fun. Many dog owners are not aware that their dog can become dehydrated very easily. Even if your dog…

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can dogs get sunburn in santa clarita, ca

Can Dogs Get Sunburn in Santa Clarita, CA?

You might not know it, but dogs can get sunburned! Dogs of all colors can be sensitive to the sun, and there are specific areas of the body that need to be protected if your dog is going to be outside in the sun for an extended period. While it might seem like your dog…

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how much water should a dog drink in santa clarita, ca

How Much Water Should My Dog Drink in Santa Clarita, CA

Your dog needs to drink enough water to be healthy. Your dog’s drinking habits are key to their overall well-being, and when they do not drink enough, they can get very sick. Dogs should drink a lot more water every day than most people realize, and it is easy to think that your dog is…

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dog anxiety in santa clarita, ca

Dog Anxiety in Santa Clarita, CA: Signs to Watch for and How to Help Your Pet

Just like people, dogs can have issues with anxiety. Dogs that have anxiety can be hard to keep happy in a home or an apartment, and they can suffer from all kinds of added health issues related to their anxiety. When your dog suffers from anxiety, you might be eager to help them to feel…

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puppy potty training in santa clarita, ca

6 Tips to Get Started with Puppy Potty Training in Santa Clarita, CA

If you have a new puppy or you’re getting ready to adopt one, you probably already know how difficult potty training a young puppy can be. However, puppy potty training isn’t impossible, and with a little time and patience, you can help your furry friend learn how to potty politely. Read through the article below…

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dog panting in santa clarita, ca

Should I Be Worried that My Dog is Panting in Santa Clarita, CA?

Everyone who owns a dog knows that dogs pant frequently. This can be due to them being hot, exerting, or just due to anxiety. It can be easy to disregard panting as a serious problem since dogs tend to do it frequently. There are many instances when panting is of no concern but knowing the…

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