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Download Our App in Stevenson Ranch: Manage Your Pet’s Care Like a Pro with PetDesk

Mobile apps have become a staple in how we organize our daily lives, and they can help us organize our pet’s lives, too! Managing their medical care and services has never been easier thanks to the PetDesk app, which enables you to connect with our animal hospital anytime, anywhere. The app is designed to help you stay on the ball with your pet’s appointments and keep them on schedule for their parasite prevention, vaccinations, and much more.

So what can you do with the PetDesk app?

  • Request appointments quickly
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments and scheduling new ones
  • Access your pet’s medical information and health history
  • View your appointment history
  • Log notes and photos to show your vet during an appointment
  • Keep information about your vet, groomer, and other pet-related services in one place
  • Receive medication and/or maintenance reminders
  • …and more!

In addition to its convenience, easy-to-use interface, and reliability, the PetDesk app is also completely free. Take a moment to download our app for your mobile device today, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions!

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Join Our Loyalty Program

Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center is excited to give back to our loyal pet parents by offering a Loyalty Rewards program!

  • It’s FREE to sign up through the pet desk app!
  • Receive reward points for every dollar they spend with us.

Want to take advantage of this program? It’s easy! If you’re already setup with our app, just follow just follow the steps to enroll from within the app.

Don’t have our PetDesk app yet? Getting setup is easy! Simply download our app and follow the steps to get started.