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AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Stevenson Ranch

At Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center, we believe in doing more than just providing excellent service to our clients and patients. In order to dedicate ourselves fully to the well-being of pets and the satisfaction of their owners, we have taken an extra step to become an AAHA Accredited animal hospital. Becoming AAHA Accredited is entirely voluntary—veterinary practices do not require accreditation to treat patients. In fact only about 15 percent of veterinary clinics in the U.S. and Canada achieve this standard!

About AAHA

The American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA, was established in 1933. Currently, it is the only accrediting body for small animal practices in North America. For practices to become accredited, they must be strictly evaluated by AAHA experts, meeting rigorous standards in over 900 areas of care and service. These include pain management, sanitation, customer care, technology, and more. Accreditation is a long-term commitment to your pet’s care, since we are reevaluated every 3 years in order to keep our AAHA status. Bring your pet in to Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center today and experience the difference of top quality care.

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