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Pet Spay & Neuter Surgery

At Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center, we’re committed to providing quality pet services to Stevenson Ranch and surrounding communities. Although pet spay and neuter surgery is a common procedure you’ll likely want your pet to undergo, our attention to detail is never lacking. Because many determining factors are involved in pet spay and neuter surgery, we counsel pet owners on the appropriate time to have the procedure done. When you have your pet spayed and neutered at our animal hospital, we’ll also give you detailed after-care instructions.

Counseling Pet Owners on This Important Procedure

Animal overpopulation is a real issue in the United States. According to the American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters every year. When you have your female pet spayed and your male pet neutered, you do your part by not contributing to the issue. Still, when you have your pet spayed and neutered depends on your breed of pet. Larger dogs may benefit from delaying pet spay and neuter surgery. If you decide to forego the procedure for breeding purposes or you feel the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, we want you to know caring for your pet will require a higher level of responsibility. We’re well prepared to counsel you on their care. We’ll also advise you on the benefits they receive from pet spay and neuter surgery, such as:

  • Female pets have a decreased incidence of breast tumors.
  • Female pets have a decreased incidence of ovarian and uterine cancers.
  • Male pets eliminate their chances of developing testicular cancer.
  • Male pets have a decreased incidence of prostate disease.
  • Urine spraying and marking behavior is decreased in male and female pets.
  • Roaming behavior is decreased in male and female pets.


Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we utilize only the best practices in surgical and veterinary care. Your pet’s vitals will be closely monitored before, during and after any surgery. As your pet awakens from anesthesia, they will be kept warm and comforted by one of our experienced veterinary technicians. When you bring your pet home, we’ll give you customized after-care instructions, but there are some standard things you can keep in mind after your pet’s spay or neuter procedure, including:

  • Give them a quiet place to recover for at least 24 hours.
  • Check their incision site daily and watch for unusual redness or discharge.
  • Prevent your pet from licking the incision site.
  • Refrain from bathing your pet for at least 10 days afterwards.

Please contact us for more information about having your pet spayed or neutered!

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