Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Stevenson Ranch

Dog In Halloween Costume

At Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center, we want to help your pets have a safe Halloween. This holiday presents a lot of hazards for them, including costumes, decorations, candy, and more. Keep them safe and stress-free with our animal hospital’s Halloween pet safety tips!

Costume Safety

Not all pets love to be dressed up. Before you decide to put your pet in a costume, make sure it fits properly and get them used to wearing it before the big day. If your pet seems anxious and stressed while in the costume, it’s best to take it off. If, however, your pet loves their costume, it’s important that it doesn’t have any loose ends or protruding pieces that could easily be chewed off and possibly swallowed.

Keep Pets Inside and Away from the Front Door

A ringing doorbell and constant stream of oddly-dressed strangers at the door is enough to make the friendliest pets anxious and even aggressive. It’s not unusual for dogs to feel the need to protect their home and people. Furthermore, an open door can be an easy means of escape for a fearful pet! Therefore, it’s best to keep them away from the front door, in a quiet room with their favorite toy so they can relax for the evening.

Be Wary of Lit Candles and Jack-o’-Lanterns

Curious pets can be drawn to a flickering flame and may knock the candle or pumpkin over, spilling wax on carpet and furniture, or worse, themselves. Make sure any open flames are well out of paws’ reach, and always supervise your pet around them.

Don’t Share Your Candy…

…with your pet, at least! Chocolate and xylitol are two of the main toxins in Halloween candy. Both can cause symptoms from vomiting and diarrhea to severe toxicity. Make sure your kids know not to share their loot with their furry friends and keep any candy in the house on lockdown from curious whiskered noses!

For more Halloween pet safety tips, contact us at (661) 799-0655 or ask us at your next appointment!

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