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Cat Travel Certificate

Traveling internationally with your pet requires lots of planning and preparation beforehand, thanks to the complexities and costs of doing so. Every country has its own rules and regulations and failing to follow these can result in your pet being quarantined for months in an unfamiliar place. By giving yourself time to prepare all the necessary paperwork, you and your pet should be able to enjoy smooth sailing during your travels. Meet with your veterinarian at our animal hospital in Stevenson Ranch to get started with your pet’s health certificate!

Why Your Cat or Dog Needs an International Health Certificate

The international health certificate provides proof that your pet meets all of your host country’s health requirements. This includes being up-to-date with their vaccinations and parasite testing and being free of illness. It is essential to be able to show that your pet is healthy and not liable to spread any diseases to animals (or people) in the country you are visiting.

What You Need to Do

Preparing for international travel with your pet means doing a bit of research and finding out exactly what your host country needs from you and your veterinarian.

  • First, visit USDA-APHIS to learn about your host country’s pet health requirements. All you need to do is select the country you’re visiting from the dropdown tab, then click “View Requirements.”
  • Next, find the forms needed for exporting your pet and print them out, in addition to the instructions for completing the forms.
  • Read through the instructions one by one, and take a moment to check into the health requirements of the surrounding countries (in the event of a layover).
  • If you need to, you can also view the steps listed by the USDA for obtaining an international health certificate for your pet.
  • Once you have reviewed all instructions, you can download the necessary health certificate from the USDA-APHIS website.  
  • The website also makes it possible for you to find and contact your local Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service office if you need more information. It never hurts to find out more if you’re unsure about anything.
  • For a pre-travel checklist, FAQs, and more, go here.

Our Responsibility as Your Veterinarian

It is our responsibility to help you ensure that your pet is healthy and fully prepared to travel outside of the US. Preparing for international travel with your dog or cat can be a lengthy process, which is why you should start planning as early as possible and take advantage of the resources we’ve provided. Also, don’t hesitate to call us at (661) 799-0655 if you have any questions, or need to schedule an appointment for your pet!

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