Tiffany started her veterinary career while attending George Mason university in Fairfax Virginia, as a part time job. She fell in love with it. After having four kids, she chose to be a stay at home mom. As time moved forward, she decided to move back into the vet world and reconnect her spirit with animal care. “My day gets better with each animal I care for. Animals can tell a good human from the start, so making friends is important to me.”
Having a bachelors degree in Communications, Tiffany can focus on interpersonal, intercultural and public relations while still positively caring for clients and supporting them through any care their pet may need. 
Tiffany’s passions include voice acting, on-camera acting and lifestyle modeling. She has 2 dogs named Paul  (Boston Terrier) and POSIE (Pug, chihuahua, Dachshund mix) and 3 cats named, Luna, Patches and Link. Animals are sent to us with pure unfiltered unconditional love. They are only here for a short time so they can teach us unconditional love because we as humans are not just born with it.