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Our Staff

Tech Lead and Inventory Manager

Growing up, Alex’s family pets were more than just animals to her—they always showed her unconditional love when she needed it, and Alex wanted to return the favor. Nurturing and caring for pets simply comes naturally to her!

Alex grew up in Southern California. Upon graduating from high school, she started working at a bi-weekly pet vaccine clinic before being hired at a local hospital. After working for a mortgage company for several years, Alex realized she was much happier in the animal care field. She found her way to Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center in the spring of 2007.One of the things that Alex enjoys most about her job is the constant learning experience it provides; after all, medicine is constantly evolving. She also has a special interest in animal behavior. Alex enjoys spending time at home with her husband and children as well as a house full of pets that includes three dogs, a cat, a snake, a bird, goats, horses, and several chickens. Outside of work, Alex enjoys riding her horses and training for canine agility competitions with her dogs. She’s also an avid crafter and baker.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Shauna’s parents tell her that nothing made her happier as a kid than a visit to the zoo. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that knew her when she chose a career as a veterinary professional!

Shauna grew up in northern California with her parents and younger brother. After receiving her Associate’s degree in veterinary technology from a local college, she received her technician’s licensure in 2004. She worked in the oncology department of a specialty practice in California, then took a few years off to raise her sons. In 2013, Shauna wanted to get back to work and joined the team here at Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center. Performing dental cleanings is one of Shauna’s favorite parts of her job; seeing an animal go from having an unhealthy and painful mouth to a healthy one is very rewarding! She’s also passionate about educating pet owners on the best possible care for their furry loved ones. Shauna lives in Santa Clarita with her husband and two sons. As a family, they enjoy heading to the zoo, watching baseball games, and seeing movies.

Veterinary Assistant, Lead Receptionist

Lisette wanted to work in the veterinary field since she was a child. She decided that being an animal nurse would be the most rewarding for her. It wasn’t long before she was attending veterinary technician school!

Lisette was born and raised in southern California. During college, she worked at Guide Dogs of America before expanding her experience at other hospitals. Lisette has been at Stevenson ranch Veterinary Center since 2005. At home, Lisette has two dogs: a senior Pembroke Corgi named Daysie, and an Australian shepherd named Oakley. Lisette enjoys entering agility competitions with Oakley, as well as traveling, hiking and spending time with her family.

Veterinary Technician, Receptionist

Brianna has loved animals for as long as she can remember and always had a desire to work in the animal field. She attended college to pursue a degree in veterinary technology!

Brianna was born and raised in Kansas. She volunteered at various veterinary clinics and showed dogs and horses in the 4H club during high school. After graduating, she worked for an animal hospital in Kansas. Parasitology is one of Brianna’s favorite aspects of veterinary medicine. She also enjoys visiting with rare or uncommon pet breeds that clients bring to the clinic. Brianna has two dogs, although they currently live back in Kansas with her parents. Emma is an Australian shepherd who loves snuggling, and Riley is a German Shorthair Pointer who is very energetic.

Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Stephanie has always wanted to help pets in need. The bond she shares with an animal that she’s helped save, and that animal’s family, is simply indescribable! Stephanie gets to care for pets every day as a veterinary assistant and receptionist here at Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center.

Stephanie was born and raised in Mission Hills, California. Her veterinary journey began in high school when she volunteered at a local pet hospital through the occupational program. She was later hired on at that same clinic. In 2010, she moved back to California after a stint in Las Vegas, and joined the clinic team in the summer of 2012. Stephanie has now worked in the animal care field for over 15 years! Interacting with clients is Stephanie’s favorite part of her job. Excellent communication is of the utmost importance to her, and she loves to build trust with pet owners and pets alike. At home, most of Stephanie’s free time is dedicated to her young daughter, whose smile and laughter lights up Stephanie’s world.


Rachel’s family always kept pets, and she grew up riding horses. Her passion for animal care and her intense interest in science makes veterinary medicine the perfect career path even if she is studying nursing!

Rachel’s veterinary career began when she worked at a local pet supply store. She was referred to Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center by a friend, and began here in 2006. Rachel particularly loves witnessing the connection between pets and their owners, and she loves that no two days around the clinic are ever the same. Rachel has two dogs, Scooter and Bandit, as well as four cats named Kenya, Dewey, White Paw, and Elbie. When she isn’t caring for pets or discussing animal care with owners around the clinic, Rachel can be found on the back of a horse with a smile on her face.

Patient Health Coordinator

After working for 21 years in various management positions, Loretta found that she was spending too many hours at the office and not enough time at home with her kids. When a veterinarian offered her a job with the promise of a less grueling schedule, she jumped at the chance to work with pets every day!

Loretta was born in Queens, New York, and raised on Long Island. After graduating college as a Gemologist, she began working in jewelry stores; however, she decided to leave the profession after being held up at gunpoint four times! Loretta took a job managing her friend’s dog grooming business before transitioning to the veterinary care field and joining the Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center team. Meeting all the pets and owners that visit the clinic is Loretta’s favorite part of her workday. She loves to hear the story that every pet has to tell! Loretta’s family includes her husband of 34 years, Richard, her son Kendrick and his wife Elli, and her son Eric. Loretta and Richard share their home with a rescued dog named Bear, and she also owns a horse named Jeremiah. Outside of work, Loretta enjoys horseback riding, hiking, traveling, and staying active in her local church. She also runs her own pet sitting business, which allows her more one-on-one time with the pets she so dearly loves!

Veterinary Assistant

Whether she’s nursing a sick patient back to health or watching a puppy grow into an adult dog, Jen loves the feeling of helping a pet. Her nurturing personality makes Jen the perfect fit here at Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center!

Jen was born in Tarzana, California, and raised in Lancaster and Bakersfield. Her interest in the veterinary field was triggered in 1996, when she went to Hawaii and swam with dolphins. In 1999, she became an exotic animal trainer at Moorpark College, and she also holds Associates Degrees in Animal Training and Behavior as well as Exotic Animal Training and Management. Since 2005, she’s been a member of the compassionate Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center staff. Dentistry work is one of Jen’s favorite things to do around the clinic. She also likes building lasting bonds with pets and owners, and she loves to see pets grow up over the years. At home, Jen has a lab named Molly and a blue-fronted Amazon parrot with quite a large vocabulary. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family and pets, Jen enjoys hiking, snowboarding, rollerblading, and going to the beach.

Veterinary Assistant

Like any veterinary professional, Jennifer adores pets. What she’s even more passionate about, though, is animal welfare—she always wanted to work somewhere that helped animals who couldn’t speak for themselves!

Jennifer grew up in the San Fernando Valley with her parents and sister. She started in the animal care field when she began volunteering at local rescues. Over 15 years ago, she started to work at a clinic as a receptionist and received on-the-job training to become a veterinary assistant. Jennifer joined the team here at Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center in October of 2013.Meeting clients and their beloved pets are Jennifer’s favorite part of her job, and she also likes assisting the doctors during procedures and surgeries. She loves being able to constantly learn something new! Jennifer lives in Santa Clarita with her husband, two children, three cats named Libby, Kaya, and Peach, and the family dog, Forrest. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, painting, and spending time with her wonderful family. Jennifer also holds a Associates Degree in Graphic Design and even created the current Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center logo!

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