Dr. Jennifer Riedel

Before applying to veterinary medical school, Dr. Jennifer Riedel was an Air Force engineer. Several of her military colleagues encouraged her to start volunteering at a local animal hospital, and there she witnessed her first pet surgery. Dr. Riedel was in love! She decided to commit to animal medicine and become a licensed veterinarian.

Dr. Riedel grew up in the Midwest and studied civil and environmental engineering at the United States Air Force Academy before beginning her Air Force career as a bioenvironmental engineer. After deciding to pursue veterinary medicine, she took night classes to complete her prerequisite requirements before being accepted to the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing just outside of Washington, D.C., Dr. Riedel came to southern California with her husband for his job. She scoured the Santa Clarita area for a small animal hospital that practiced high-quality medicine with a family-like atmosphere; upon discovering Stevenson Ranch Veterinary Center in 2014, she knew she’d found her home! Surgery is still one of Dr. Riedel’s favorite part of being a veterinarian—she loves to remove a mass, correct an eyelid, eradicate bladder stones, or deliver a litter of puppies. Dr. Riedel is also passionate about improving her medical knowledge every day to provide the highest possible level of care to her patients, and thrives on interaction with people and their pets. In her time away from the clinic, Dr. Riedel enjoys sunny southern California by running, hiking, riding motorcycles, and wine tasting.